Our history

Semaphore Signs; modern Rotterdam flagmakers with an old soul…. our founding partners caught their passion for flags during their careers within one of the oldest Dutch flagcompanies. Since the ’30-s of the 20th century, the family has been passionate about flags and bunting. For generations they’ve proudly provided ships, countries, cities, companies and institutions with flying quality bunting from Rotterdam, communicating identity and pride. This old soul and inspiration was the fundament for a new company: in 2013 Semaphore Signs was founded. We believe in the power of the simple, yet very effective medium that flags are. Like the classic Semaphore officer, who could send an important message over long distances just using two arms and two flags, our wind-driven signs send a powerful statement for our customers from all over the globe. Flags and other signs on bunting are and will always be a dynamic and effective low-tech way of communicating in a high-tech society. Within this high-tech society we are frontrunners in sustainable solutions for flags with our &SIGN quality en 100% recycled PETflag material. As a flag family, we experienced war, liberation, memorable days in the Dutch national history, national growth and even the birth of a new nation…. please follow us in a brief description of our history:

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Got the heats for our flags? We'ld love to be your partner in signs and we can't wait to create new projects on bunting. Hoist your digital signal flag by using the contact form or give us a call on +3110-8900260. We'll send a return signal right away!

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