Our team

Our core-team: flag enthousiasts Jaap and Coerd. Semaphore is build on their years and years of international experience. Together with Martine, Heidi and a vast network of designers, production facilities and other partners, they ensure you the best in design, quality and service.

Jaap Groen


The Head Honcho. Our technical genius and tower of strength. Jaap steers a steady course.

Coerd de Heer


Creative brain and sailor by heart. Wind and flag addict. Combine those two and what do you get? He’s never there!

Heidi Waanders


Heidi is our postillion d’amour (pardon our French); empathic, joyeus and connecting. Once you’re in her circle, you’ll want to stay in…

Contact us

Got the heats for our flags? We'ld love to be your partner in signs and we can't wait to create new projects on bunting. Hoist your digital signal flag by using the contact form or give us a call on +3110-8900260. We'll send a return signal right away!

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