Design studio

Texts and images on flying bunting need a very specific design to get The Message across. Simply applying the corporate identity tools on flags and banners could result in a less effective sign than intended. Our design studio boasts years and years of shaping modern corporate identity into flagworthy designs for succesfull wind-driven signs. From transferring ready-made designs to printable files to creating a whole new design based on your needs and tools; within 24 hours we present an effective and printable design for your dynamic or static bunting, in- or outdoors. Applicable for current and future productions. We reserve an hour of studiotime for your design, for orders that need more effort we’ll discuss the necessary input from the studio with you.

This is how we work towards your perfect design:
  1. we start with the wishes and design tools you provided (please see Specifications)
  2. within 24 uur you’ll receive a design in one or multiple variations
  3. after receiving approval or remarks on one of the proposals, we work it out into a definitive design
  4. within the procedure this design can be adapter one more time
  5. after receiving your signed approval, we start the production of your order
Specifications design tools & content:

Images : CMYK 1:10 300dpi
Colours : CMYK and/or PMS Coated
Fonts : enclose the specific fonts or transfer them into contours
Vectorfiles : up to illustrator 10 / CorelDRAW X8
Preferrably NO InDesign files