Types of bunting

Semaphore offers a wide range of bunting for your flag, banner or showscreen. Many of our buntings are for outdoor use, but we also have the most suitable solution for every indoor screen application. In recent years we have specialized in sustainable bunting for our products; more durable bunting so flags last longer than average and bunting made from recycled PET material.

Three years ago we were the first in the world to use recycled PET material as a basis for our flags, banners and banners. In the meantime, we are no longer the only one, but by taking the lead in this innovation, Semaphore is preferred supplier for important international sustainability organizations. Our PETflag and & SIGN flags, for example, fly high in dozens of countries for the campaigns of Blue Flag, Ecoschools and Greenkey, all projects of Unesco partner FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education. Other international organizations such as PADI (diving courses), Greenpeace and Sea Shepard have also opted for our canvas.

Not only the recycled raw material makes the Semaphore flags particularly durable; the technical specifications of the two premium qualities, PETflag and & SIGN, give the flags a considerably longer lifespan on average than any flag. That quality is confirmed by testimonials from the most flag-challenging places around the world. Below you will find some of our most used qualities, but we would like to hear it personally if you have a very specific wish! Please use the contactform in that case.


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